Community Engagement

A fun collection of climate and sustainability events – sorted by date with most recent first. Updated frequently.

Ongoing Campaigns

Kelowna Transit

Save Old Growth

Bank Divestment & RBC Off-Campus (from First Things First OK)

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Other actions:

  • call/email/meet with your bank to express concerns in their fossil fuel investments (don’t let their greenwashing fool you!), state that you will switch banks if you don’t see immediate moves to divestment
  • switch to a fossil free credit union (like Coast Capital)
  • attend events hosted by the aforenamed organizations
  • leave bad reviews on big banks via Google Maps (e.g. “RBC was the biggest bank funder of fossil fuels worldwide in 2022. Their actions violate Indigenous rights and fund climate chaos. Their pipeline investments are not only unsustainable, but also fiscally unwise.”)
  • Question and call attention to big banks’ greenwashed, youth-centred marketing campaigns, sharing the word on how misleading they are

Join With First Things First Okanagan on Fortis Gas

FortisBC Energy Inc (FEI) states the Okanagan Capacity Upgrade Project is needed to address expected gas load growth in the central (Kelowna) and north Okanagan (Vernon) regions due to population increase. 

FEI states that population growth and increased industrial load, in the Kelowna area especially, has led to a corresponding increase in the demand for natural gas, and thus an increased demand on the Interior Transmission System (ITS).  First Things First Okanagan has filed an Intervener request to argue that further fossil fuel infrastructure development, despite its claims of ‘renewable’ status, runs contrary to the Climate Action plans of several Okanagan municipalities, and will, ultimately, lead to a further increase in carbon emissions.  Read more on First Things First website.

BC Climate Emergency Campaign

Okanagan Climate Hub has joined with dozens of other organization concerned about BC’s climate action plan.  These organizations have joined to declare that Clean BC needs a reboot to match the urgency of the climate emergency that people in British Columbia are experiencing. We are calling on fellow Okanagan organizations to join us. Read the open letter here on the Tyee.

Past Engagements

Okanagan Climate Hub Pens Letter in Support of Penticton Climate Plan

The Okanagan Climate Hub represents a variety of communities, industries, cultures, and causes that are taking the demand for action on climate change to influencers, policymakers, and the streets. 

As such, we recently wrote a letter of support to the Mayor and Council of Penticton to congratulate them on the approval of their community’s Climate Plan.

We recognize that climate does not respect city boundaries, and urge cities to coordinate their Climate Action Plans in the Okanagan Valley, particularly around transportation infrastructure.

Local governments are on the front lines of climate action, not only controlling emissions in their own buildings and transportation fleets but helping citizens to build better, renovate better and change their transportation habits.

Municipalities play a vital role in meeting our province’s climate targets. It is estimated that municipalities and regional districts have control over about 50% of our GHG emissions through decisions on land use, transportation and buildings.

The City of Penticton is leading the way with this Climate Plan, and we hope other cities in the Valley follow their example.

The BC Government’s review of its Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy was very timely this year, given the emergence from a year-long state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a record-breaking heat wave, and multiplying forest fires and smoke pollution experienced in the province this summer.

Citizens Climate Lobby – Okanagan and Okanagan Climate Hub appreciated the opportunity to provide feedback on this strategy, and prepare the following submission in August 2021. 

All Candidates' Meeting for South Okanagan West Kootenay

Okanagan Climate Hub participated in the South Okanagan West Kootenay All Candidates’ Meeting by asking a question of the candidates in the 2021 Federal Election. Candidates were asked questions on emissions targets, climate impacts, protecting the environment and maintaining a healthy economy. The event was organized by Fridays For Future (FFF) West Kootenay and Nelson-West Kootenay chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Okanagan Climate Hub Response to BC Government Budget - Support for Northern Okanagan Submission Letter

This summer has demonstrated that the effects of climate change are local, severe, and irreversible.

Governments and the private sector can no longer continue with business as usual – action is needed now to roll back our ghg emissions, fund adaptation, and work with indigenous people to re-learn ways of coping with major changes to the climate and environment.

In past years, so-called environmental issues have been given little budgetary attention, competing with a variety of other programs, needs, and policies in the provincial agenda.

It is clear that climate, forestry protection, and sustainability are now so closely interlinked with other social and economic issues that it is impossible to ignore.

While BC cannot do everything on our own, the experience of floods, fires, mudslides, COVID and other disruptive and costly disasters means that residents will be on the front lines of such changes and so rightly expect support and leadership from our government to address the underlying causes.

We echo the group’s claims concerning forestry and deforestation – the use of chemical herbicides and the clear cutting of old growth forests is unsustainable and should be ended.

Recognizing that budgetary decisions often involve trade-offs, we call on the BC government to properly fund programs for adaptation, climate mitigation, renewable energy, home retrofits, and alternative transportation options like public transit and electric vehicle charging stations.

These programs will ensure consumers, citizens and stakeholders can be supported in making the right choices for our future and our children’s future.