Earth Week Dynamic Lunch Speaker Series

Earth Week Dynamic Lunch Speaker Series

Join us for our virtual Dynamic Lunchtime Speaker Series on environmental topics that will inform and motivate you!

Join us for our exciting lineup Apr 15-19 at 12-1pm PDT and Bonus Sue Big Oil on Wed. April 24 at 12-1pm PDT. Get ready to be inspired and informed by our speakers who have a wealth of knowledge, experience and motivation, and hear how you can be a climate champion in the community!

Q+A/discussion time following every speaker!

Mark your calendars and register now to be part of an engaging and informative week! Same link every day except Sue Big Oil – Register here.

Monday 15

  • Land Acknowledgement
  • syilx welcome + Knowledge Sharing

Tuesday 16

  • Reducing Textile Waste

Wednesday 17

  • Transit as a Transformative Solution

Thursday 18

  • Rewilding

Friday 19

  • Climate-Resilient Planning for Stronger Communities


Wednesday 24

Email if you have problems registering.

We look forward to seeing you!

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