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Letter Writer

Social Media Guru

Current campaigns that need help with letter writing:


Check We-CAN’s page here for urgent actions

The BC Climate Emergency Campaign, a collective effort by more than 20 BC organizations, first convened by the Clime Emergency Unit. Below you will find a list of 10 Actions for BC to Confront the Climate Emergency, and a link for organizations to sign an open letter to the provincial government in support of these actions. (Thanks to Seth Klein’s Climate Emergency Unit for the text here and below.)

To ACT NOW, go to www.climateactions.ca

Local Volunteers Needed

OCH has a Facebook page and an Instagram page.  Do you love posting and sharing?  We could use your help! Contact us.

  • Okanagan Climate Hub is looking for a Data Wrangler to manage the National Climate League project.  Help is provided through the national climate hubs.

GECCO (Global Empowerment Coalition of the Central Okanagan) is looking for volunteers.

  • Updating and organizing GECCO’s media contact list on Google Drive (1-2 hours)
  • Updating and organizing our Community Calendars list (1-2 hours)