Okanagan Municipal Elections – October 15th 2022

As part of the nation-wide network of Community Climate Hubs,  Okanagan Climate Hub is strictly non-partisan, and in accordance with the legal restrictions around municipal elections we have not registered as a Third Party.  As such, the Hub will not endorse or support particular candidates or platforms in this election.  However, we urge all voters to get out and vote for the candidates that you feel will advance climate-friendly approaches to local governance throughout our Valley.  It is important now, more than ever, that local governments pay heed to the pressing urgency of climate change and adopt governance decisions that improve adaptiveness for local communities in the face of fires, floods, heatwaves and other issues, like food security.

Local governments need climate leaders who can use evidence-based reasoning to support enlightened policies that leave no one behind in the climate crisis.  This means, practically, more funding for social, economic, and educational supports for people who are unhoused, newcomers, families, elders, ethnic and religious minorities and Indigenous peoples.  Planning and growth decisions need to be informed by the latest technologies and economic innovations to transition away from fossil fuels for home energy and transportation.

There is much to be learned from other communities.  Natural asset management approaches, ecological biodiversity principles, and nature-based solutions also have much to offer to help cities innovate.

As our contribution to this election season, we will post relevant links and resources to help inform candidates and the general public about good climate decision making on this page.

You may wish to follow Liveable Kelowna on Facebook, a group of residents and organizations who are concerned that the city is not being built in the cohesive and collaborative way envisioned in Imagine Kelowna. They have registered as a Third Party Sponsor with ElectionsBC.

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