Okanagan Wide Projects

The Okanagan Valley climate related projects lays the foundation stone to fight against  the climate crisis. The working toward the Okanagan Local Power to bring together the community to renewable resources energy to fight against the fossil fuels. Running of different project in school and in university/colleges  to raise awareness among the youth about the climate.

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Okanagan Local Power

Working with Dogwood to get a Local Power team together to encourage the transition off fossil fuel energy sources and to create energy independence, both for individuals and to support the municipality to set policy and programs to support the same in our region. I am looking for individuals interested in changing their home heating, water heating or appliance use from gas to electric or interested in renewable power generation (ie: solar or geo-thermal). The goal would be to provide cost savings to residents by doing this as a Community Renewables and Retrofit project with partner contractors and to provide low to no-cost financing options to assist. Organizing this will take considerable work so having project management, research, data analysis (would love to do a cost comparison of different systems), outreach and communications support would be amazing!

Cool It! Climate Leadership Training program

The Cool It! Climate Leadership Training program develops and empowers young sustainability champions in schools in British Columbia. This initiative is available via the BC Sustainable Energy Association.

Kelowna Draft 2040 Official Community Plan Engagement

Educate and promote public participation in the engagement process and join focus groups.

Kelowna Climate Action Advisory Committee Formation

To form a committee affiliated with the City of Kelowna intended to review, recommend and action climate related policy.

Sustainable Development Challenge

A platform for Okanagan youth to engage in and impact the 17 United Nations’ Global Goals. Our Challenge now has three ways for youth to have a voice in the issues they care about.

Blue Communities - Council of Canadians water rights defender initiative

Council of Canadians water protection of the human right to water, ban plastic single-use water bottles, and public ownership of water and sanitation infrastructure. Over 80 cities and millions of people are Blue Communities.


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