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The Okanagan’s Response to the BC Government Royalty Review

What is the royalty review (from WE-CAN, via Dogwood)?
Following widespread public pressure opposing fossil fuel subsidies during the 2020 provincial election campaign, the NDP committed to reviewing oil and gas royalties. In October, the government released an expert assessment that confirmed that the current system is “broken,” is a bad deal for British Columbians, and is not serving the province’s environmental and social goals.

But what kind of system will they replace it with? A discussion paper lays out the options the government is considering, including the good, the bad and the ugly. The outcome of the review is expected by March of next year.

Details here:

On December 9th, Okanagan Climate Hub penned a response to BC government’s Royalty Review public consultation process.  Subsidies for fossil fuels continue to detract and undermine efforts to reduce emissions, by lowering the cost of pollution.  See below for some further reading on this important topic:




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